2018 / 11:11 / Mobil Full HD

Merry Christmas

The language is tricky, wish a Merry Christmas implies the possibility of a Christmas that is not happy.

There’s a trap in that ‘Merry Christmas’, the one that invites you to illuminate the most, buy the most, love the most, at that particular time, at that particular moment. The official declaration of illusion requires simplicity, shouldn’t be noticed.

But, what about ‘Christmas’, really exists by itself?

A mostly empty road, a luminous claim in which no one will repair.

A white flag waving in the middle of the collapse.

That ‘Christmas’ is not happy.

That Christmas borns from the inside out and not the reverse, self-deception turned into resistance.

A glitch is an error that adversely affects the stability and performance of a system, ‘Merry Christmas’ is a glitch.

‘Christmas’ is a glitch within the glitch. Here the anomaly is the birth of illusion born of the disappointment caused by the illusion imposed.

An anomaly that defines human beings in their need to believe despite everything.